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Biography of Minister Victoria Orenze - Spirit Revealing

Biography of Pastor Victoria Orenze 

A photo of Pastor Victoria Orenze. 

Victoria Orenze, a prominent Nigerian gospel singer and songwriter, was born on 23 March 1984 in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. As of 2024, she is 40 years old. Orenze has made a significant impact on the Nigerian gospel music scene with her powerful and anointed worship songs. Some of her well-known songs include "See How Far," "Gratitude," "Covenant Keeping God," "Spirit Chant," and "Spiritual Surgery.

Victoria Orenze, a prominent Nigerian gospel singer and songwriter, was born on 23 March 1984 in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. As of 2024, she is 40 years old. Orenze has made a significant impact on the Nigerian gospel music scene with her powerful and anointed worship songs. Some of her well-known songs include "See How Far," "Gratitude," "Covenant Keeping God," "Spirit Chant," and "Spiritual Surgery.

As a devoted Christian singer, Victoria Orenze emphasizes the significance of sincerely believing in the Almighty and entrusting oneself to Him. She stresses that it's not just about performing the actions prescribed in the Bible, but also about fully understanding and embracing one's connection with Jesus Christ.

Victoria Orenze collaborates with other gospel singers, such as Nathaniel Bassey, in their joint work Alagbada Ina, to spread the message of God's love and redemption. She has participated in several concerts, programmes, and other events to worship God and inspire others to deepen their faith.

Victoria Orenze has recorded the following songs:

2023: Far Beyond
2022: Supernatural, Ascend, Hallelujah Our God Reigns!, I Get Backing, See How Far: Gratitude, Yahweh, My Fortress, We Receive, This Year, Walk by Faith, The Weapon, See How Far
2021: The Fountain, Have Mercy, Spiritual Surgery, Prayer Call, Uwese, Mercy Cry
2020: Spirit Chant, Na so So Wonder
2016: Covenant Keeping God, Draw, Holy, Brooding, On Fire, Invade Me, I Want to See You.

The Shocking Story of Victoria Orenze's Marital Life
A photo of Victor Orenze 

At the Elevation Church in Lagos, Pastor Mrs. Bola Akinlabi hosted Minister Victoria Orenze during their annual "MADE FOR MORE CONFERENCE" for a worship and prayer session. Victoria Orenze took the opportunity to share a shocking story about her marital life, revealing that her previous marriage didn't work out.

Victoria Orenze's Plans to Marry Again
In a touching and insightful speech, Victoria Orenze publicly disclosed that she was going to get married again. She shared her experiences, including the physical abuse she suffered in her previous marriage, and emphasized the need for healing and the importance of correct doctrine in the church.

Key Points from Victoria Orenze's Speech

- She was married before, about 15 years ago, but it didn't work out.
- She tried to hold on to her husband, but he left and physically abused her.
- She is now planning to marry again and emphasizes the importance of healing and correct doctrine in the church.
- She encourages women to speak out and seek help in cases of abuse.


Victoria Orenze's story is a testament to the power of resilience and the importance of seeking help in times of need. Her courage in sharing her experiences will undoubtedly inspire many and encourage them to seek healing and wholeness in their own lives.

You Have Something Covetable: Uncover the Divine Gift Within You

You Have Something Covetable: Uncover the Divine Gift Within You

You Have Something Covetable: Uncover the Divine Gift Within You

I want to boost your ego in the Lord this morning by letting you know that you have something covetable. Yes, you may not have built the house you prayed to build in the year 2024, you may still be expecting the car you desire from January this year, the wife and husband of your dream may not be in sight yet but I say to you that you have something covetable. Have you taken your time to wonder why the devil has refused to let you be? Have you tried to know why he (Satan) will only retreat for a while and before you know it he is back again trying you? The answer is because you have something covetable.

Jh.10:10 ‘The thief (Devil) does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly’ 

Do you think the devil has stopped this mission of his over your life? If you know he has not, then what has he seen to steal if there is nothing good and covetable in you? Can a useless thing be stolen? See, the devil is not suffering from kleptomania that he will want to steal just anything for the fun of it; he will only steal what is good from you. He will not kill what is already dead, if he still desire to kill something in you, it simply means there is life in you he intends to take away, I am not in doubt there is, and that is what I have come to tell you that you have much more to offer than you think, there is much covetable in you.

You have your life, the devil wants to take it; you must guard it jealously; you have peace he want to steal, you must hold it tight; you have much good he want to destroy don’t allow him by your act of ungratefulness. Appreciate God for abundant life and wait for Him to grant your other desires, don’t let go what you have in a bid to get the ephemeral; these other things will come but with your exhibition of a grateful heart. There are treasures in you the devil want to steal even as the year runs deep; you have a role to protect your treasures.

You have much covetable in you; guard your heart!

Prayer: Lord, help me to guard you give me jealously with appreciation rather than complain, while I await my other desires this year, Amen!

Understanding Itching Ears: A Christian Perspective on Spiritual Guidance

Understanding Itching Ears: A Christian Perspective on Spiritual Guidance

I want to call our attention to the trend of these days and to let you know once again that it is expected of the end time. You will be expected to check yourself by this piece if you have developed itching ears or you are beginning to develop it. Itching means eager, longing, impatient and urgent desire; now it means men today only want to hear what they desire to hear and not what is necessarily true. No wonder you attend the church you attend, no wonder you enjoy the company of your present friends because all that you do is endorsed right and good, you are the most knowledgeable of them and anything that does not comply with your desire should not be listened to.

Read this again 2 Tim. 4:3-4 ‘For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables.’ 

God sent every one of us to different pools where we will get the right salvation, but many have chosen for themselves teachers who will tell them what they want to hear. They no longer enjoy truth, they want the ‘make it, get it, do it’ kind of message at the expense of ‘thou shall not, if thou shall obey’ kind. You hear words like ‘this is the message I need now in my life’, but of a truth they enjoy such message not because it makes them to be heaven or righteous conscious but because it fulfills the lust of their flesh.

Check your ears; are they itching?

Prayer: Father, grant me the grace not to develop itching ears but desire the sincere meal from you, Amen!

The Birth of the C.A.C. in Nigeria: Faith Chronicles

The Birth of the C.A.C. in Nigeria: Faith Chronicles

Christ Apostolic Church 

The incredible evangelism efforts of Prophet Joseph Ayo Babalola triggered a wave of persecution against those who embraced the new faith. The existing mission churches reportedly became resentful and hostile, particularly because their members were the primary converts of the Faith Tabernacle. 

There were widespread rumors that the revival movement was an unruly and disorderly organization. The Nigerian government was alerted to the activities of the movement. During this period, the key members of the movement sought assistance from the American Faith Tabernacle leaders. However, the leaders from America declined to intervene, citing that it contradicted their principles. Moreover, the association between the Philadelphia group and the Faith Tabernacle of Nigeria was terminated due to the marital issues of the leader of the American group, Pastor Clark. 

As a result, the Nigerian group established a fellowship with the Faith and Truth Temple of Toronto, which dispatched a group of seven missionaries to West Africa. Once again, the fellowship was dissolved when Mr. C. R. Myers, the lone surviving missionary, sent his wife to the hospital where she tragically passed away during childbirth.

The African Church 

Despite facing challenges in their relationships with foreign groups, the Nigerian Faith Tabernacle still believed it was important to establish connections with international organizations. This belief is reflected in a letter from D. O. Odubanjo to Pastor D. P. Williams of the Apostolic Church of Great Britain in March 1931. In the letter, Odubanjo mentioned that the government officials in Nigeria respected European missionaries and refrained from troubling their native converts. However, he also highlighted instances where members of the Nigerian Faith Tabernacle were mistreated by government officers.

After a formal request, missionaries were sent to Nigeria to strengthen the Nigerian Faith Tabernacle. Following their advice, the Nigerian Faith Tabernacle was then handed over to the British Apostolic Church, leading to a change in the name from Faith Tabernacle to the Apostolic Church.

It's sad to note that doctrinal differences between the two groups led to divisions, similar to the issues that caused the split from the American groups. The topic of divine healing was a significant point of contention, especially when some of the invited white missionaries from Britain were found using quinine and other tablets, sparking a serious controversy among the leading members. It's unfortunate that the dispute couldn't be resolved, resulting in the movement splitting. One faction made Oke-Oye its base and retained the name the Apostolic Church, while the other larger faction, led by Prophet Joseph Babalola, eventually became the Christ Apostolic Church. 

This church underwent several name changes before finally being officially registered with the Nigerian Company Law of 1924 in May 1943. Today, the church oversees over five thousand assemblies and is widely regarded as one of the most esteemed Christian organizations in Nigeria, being the only indigenous organization with a strong belief in divine healing.

In 1968, Professor John Peel reported that the membership of the C.A.C. exceeded one hundred thousand. It is likely that this number has since doubled. The church established numerous educational institutions including primary and grammar schools, a teachers’ training college, a seminary, maternity homes, and a training school for prophets. Between 1970 and 1980, the church expanded to England, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, and Liberia. Currently, the church's Missionary and General Headquarters are located in Lagos and Ibadan, respectively.

Babalola was a deeply spiritual person who expressed concern about the growing influence of western civilization on Yoruba society and Nigeria as a whole. He believed that increased materialism and sinful behaviors were negatively impacting his community. The C.A.C. regards Babalola as being spiritually empowered, placing him on a level comparable to Biblical apostles such as Peter and Paul, who were sent out with authority in the name of Jesus.

The Power of Active Listening in Prayer: Transform Your Spiritual Practice

The Power of Active Listening in Prayer: Transform Your Spiritual Practice


For the whole of this month in our house we have been learning about prayer and from today to the weekend, we shall be holding our mid year prayers to seek God's face for the second part of the year rolling in, but as much as we talk to God, do we hear God talking back to us? perhaps we don't hear because we don't do the listening part of prayer but the talking part only, hence I want to remind us that there is a listening aspect of prayer.

Lk.18:1 ‘Then He spoke a parable to them, that men always ought to pray and not lose heart.’  

This is a command from our Lord Jesus Christ passed across by parable. After you have done your part of the bargain in prayer, you can be rest assured that God will play His. Prayer is not something new that you have not been taught before, but you can never have enough of it, because it is naturally not easy to pray; and that is why you should know that something good comes as the aftermath of prayer. You find it easier to sleep when you are praying than to sleep when you are talking to a friend, little did we know that prayer is talking to God and God talking to us in return. The problem is that we make the mistake of seeing prayer as a monologue rather than a dialogue; it is actually a dialogue. God speaks back to us each and every time we pray, yes He does, but most often than none we are too much in a hurry to leave His presence than we will when we speak to our friends or even foes (if you have one). Because we have preconditioned our minds that He will only hear but not speak in return, so we are at speed to tell Him all we need to tell Him and get out without expectation of a response. 

We cry for God to give us wisdom over an issue, but we never create a few minute away from business to see if the needed idea will drop in our mind. The Holy Spirit will always do the work of teaching us all things when we pray to know, but we are not accustom to waiting to hear Him teach or drop the ideas. Most people now live by prophecies from acclaimed Prophets, and that is how many get into problems. When you depend daily on the word of a Prophet to know what to do, you defeat the purpose of the death of Christ for you, it is for that singular course of direct access that the curtain at the temple split into two at the death of Jesus on the cross.

Listening is a major part of prayer we never take heed to; create time for that and you will always see reasons why you ought always to pray.

Prayer: Father, please teach me not just to talk at you in prayers but to listen to you in return, that I may live a complete prayer life that pleases you, Amen!

Faith Chronicles: Exploring the Dimensions Our Fathers Walked In - Apostle Ayodele Babalola

Faith Chronicles: Exploring the Dimensions Our Fathers Walked In - Apostle Ayodele Babalola 

Faith Chronicles: Exploring the Dimensions Our Fathers Walked In - Apostle Ayodele Babalola 

About 65yrs ago, on New year's day, Apostle Ayo Babalola was praying over the people's prayer request, he rose the sack that contained it.

Praying aloud he said, FATHER, take this prayer request and grant us answers, a great awesome wind blew through the mountain, the people were forced to open their eyes. Right there, a giant eagle came down with speed from heaven and took the sack containing the prayer requests and flew back into the heavens.

While the people watched, the sun withdrew and dew began to fall on them. That supernatural encounter set hundred of people free from various forms of illness and diseases.

The most powerful thing that happened thing after that event was an outbreak of the supernatural. Everywhere the people who were at meeting went, people burst into tongues crying to God for the salvation of their soul.

That mountain became the dwelling place of many dwellers of that town even neighboring villagers. A prayer of faith is all you need not gimmick nor unnecessary acrobatics.

We have drifted far from the foundation our fathers laid. The devil is fighting with us at the level he fought with our fathers just that we didn't know.

If we can study how God helped the men of old through the ministry of faith would have detected that we have shifted ground to holy ghost gymnastics. Jesus asked if I return will I meet faith on earth again?

If it is by faith then it is settled now and forever. 

Biography of Reverend Gbade Ogunlana (Paito Wa) - Spirit Revealing

Biography of Reverend Gbade Ogunlana

Reverend Gbade Ogunlana 

Rev Gbade Ogunlana, born on the 15th of May, is the President of Gbade Ogunlana Ministries in Nigeria. He is widely known as the charismatic host of the popular television programs "Darling Pastor" and "Paito Wa," which is a Yoruba teaching program in Nigeria. 

His influence extends across borders as he hosts the enlightening radio program "Bible Concepts with the Darling Pastor" in the Gambia and South Africa.

Rev Gbade is not only a preacher but also an author, poet, and an anointed Bible teacher. His extensive experience of over 27 years spans across more than three states in Nigeria, and his impact has been felt by the Yoruba race for over two decades.

Furthermore, he is at the forefront of education, serving as the president of a Free Bible School and an Online Bible School. 

His personal life reflects his commitment to family, as he is happily married to Dr. Bosade Ogunlana and is blessed with children.

Your Keeper Never Slumbers: God's Unwavering Vigilance and Protection

Your Keeper Never Slumbers: God's Unwavering Vigilance and Protection

Your Keeper Never Slumbers: God's Unwavering Vigilance and Protection

If anyone tries to put fear in you by the fact that this time we are living is dangerous and perilous such that you may become afraid just let them know your Keeper never slumbers, God will keep you. We are almost in the second half of the year and some are developing fears as the days go by, as if they are responsible for their self keep, yes, fear especially with the happening in our country. If you find yourself in that category, I have come to tell you that you need to know who your keeper is, is He the same Keeper of Israel or another one? If that of Israel then you have no business with fear; He is the provider of pillar of fire at night and cloud at day time.

Ps. 121:3 ‘He will not allow your foot to be moved; He who keeps you will not slumber.’ 

I have not come with much story this morning but a reminder of what you know very well. The Keeper of Israel (YOU) neither slumber nor sleep. The precarious situations around you may be saying otherwise, in fact thousands may be dying by you daily; I still say no shaking. He will keep you; that your sick brother will not die, God will keep Him, there is need for you to keep faith and not lose it by what you see, God will keep you. Do you know that before you were born, He has known you; after you gave your life to Him, He adopted you His child, and you think He will just give you up like that? Do you think He changed your genotype from SS to AA for fun? He has use of you and He is in the process of maturing you to usable son and daughter, how come you forgot His past works over you so soon, and allow yourself to be taken over by fear.


You have a Keeper who never slumbers; enough reason to remain confidence that He will keep you. The job you lost is not to say He was sleeping, no, He wasn’t dousing at all, look right and see the bigger door He has left for you there, walk in few days from now.

Know your Keeper; serve your Keeper, He never slumbers.


Prayer: Father, Lord, I know and trust you are my Keeper, please help me to keep my trust strong in you that I may be blessed, Amen!

Faith Chronicles: Prophet Michael Olowere - Service and Honour

Faith Chronicles: Prophet Michael Oloowere - Service and HonourT

Prophet Michael Ọjọ́ Olowere And Prophet Babajide 

The journey of Baba Olowere had many beautiful path full of services and honour. I have seen many beautiful thing written about him, let me add this from Babajide school of prophets and Evangelists, Imo, Ilesha, Osun state.

In those days when the school had no graduation date was when Baba Olowere was with the great departed senior prophet Babajide. The graduation date doesn't come until the Holy Spirit spoke to Babajide, so the students remained.

If the Holyspirit was to speak to the student, it must be confirmed by other prophets, so it was pretty difficult for anyone to play pranks. It could take upto 10years in the mid 1960 before anyone was allowed to go after enrolling in the school. 

Your gifting didn't matter as your character, premium emphasis was not on charisma but character development. If you see the way Baba Olowere knelt to greet other ministers, it was how we were trained at the school of prophets.

All ministers in the school must honour others. One thing you must know that those men in the school then were full of power, raw authority that is scarce today.

Baba Michael Olowere was one of the students that served Babajide in the house, from laundry to children care.Let me tell you this, living with a pure stream prophet is difficult, every part of your life is under surveillance. 

He knows when your heart is not right, when you're beginning to shift ground and low on power.bOne of the things Baba olowere did was to take Baba's children to school everyday and bring them. Couple this with the school schedules where they had to ask  for the Holy Spirit for 3hrs everyday.

They observed daily fasting outside he monthly 7days dryfasting, daily vigil from 12am to 5am. Babajide would send them out to minister where darkness had taken dominance.

One of the ways to prove that you're trained under Babajide is to weed out darkness wherever you are sent. One aspect that most students of Babajide will be mean to share with you is getting things done in prayers while many thought they're disadvantaged by lack of education.

No matter the time Baba Babajide called Prophet Olowere, he was always available to serve. Have you heard about the famous story of how the students hid yam in a place asking the great prophet to tell them what's in it.

It happened during their time.One thing in the life of Baba was his honour for everyone both young and old. There was a story when some students wanted to leave because they don't see the reasons to continue since they're endowed with great power, they all met to approach Babajide.

Prophet Olowere told them he wouldn't be part of such, he will not leave until Babajide prayed for him, that's the exact thing he did. He was a faithful steward to Babajide all through days of moving from one town to another for revivals and planting of churches.

The students were more like Jesus disciples, they were sent out without anything, the only proof that you're genuinely trained is the outcome of the centre. Like many students, Babajide gave him a token when he was leaving, it's kingdom seed, they're not spend it.

Back to the day I sat before him more than 15yrs ago, he said learning humility under Prophet Babajide remained the greatest investment anyone did in him. He looked at me and said if you're not humble forget that you have a ministry.

He said something in yoruba that I may not be able to interprete accurately. He told me this, his greatest gift was prayers, yes prayers.

All you see in his life and many in their generation was the investment of faith they learnt in the school of God. Faith is their greatest secret that they were willing to share with everyone.

Let me stop here, I shall continue with his exploits from ilesha, Akure and later the mighty work especially how he got to Ashi in Ibadan. Hopefully I will share the story of the rivalry that was largely in the news among prophets in their generation but they never called themselves fake.

If they heard that one of them is moving in a dimension others will go into long retreat to experience the same. They met to ask themselves questions. 

The Monday automatic prayer meeting had many strange acts of God that shall wake many of us up from slumber of self delusion and deceit. Can you hold a leper just to get him healed? The advantage of that generation had is faith. 


AT Joel

We Are Brethren: Strengthening Christian Business Partnerships

We Are Brethren: Strengthening Christian Business Partnerships

We Are Brethren: Strengthening Christian Business Partnerships

I have the leading to bring back to your mind the words of Abram to Lot this morning, I don’t know why but I have a strong feeling that someone will go into business with a brother which may want to turn a sweet relationship sour this year. 

You have heard many promises delivered by God through your Pastor and you want to run with it in faith, yes, you will get an invitation to do business with someone or invite another brother to join you in one. Abram took along and brought up Lot in the business of cattle rearing, Lot had no problem with Abram but the herdsmen of the two had issues capable of destroying their boss’ relationship with one another. Rather than allow that spoil the relationship of many years, Abram acted by God’s leading and they separated in peace, so much peace that Abram had to go into war for the sake of Lot after the separation.

Gen. 13:8 ‘So Abram said to Lot, please let there be no strife between you and me and between my herdsmen and your herdsmen; for we are brethren.’

This is a call to someone to be determined to manage the relationship that is about breaking because of business dispute, the man you want to fight silly with today, may be the one who will go into war to save  you tomorrow, tender your actions with care and remember that you are brothers. I leave you with the words of Abram as you continue your exploit into the second half of 2024.

Prayer: Lord, please help me to manage my relationship with my brethren, especially in business, help me not to allow my affair with men contaminate my affair with you Lord, Amen!


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Biography of Minister Victoria Orenze - Spirit Revealing

You Have Something Covetable: Uncover the Divine Gift Within You

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The Power of Active Listening in Prayer: Transform Your Spiritual Practice

Faith Chronicles: Exploring the Dimensions Our Fathers Walked In - Apostle Ayodele Babalola

Biography of Reverend Gbade Ogunlana (Paito Wa) - Spirit Revealing

Your Keeper Never Slumbers: God's Unwavering Vigilance and Protection

Faith Chronicles: Prophet Michael Olowere - Service and Honour

We Are Brethren: Strengthening Christian Business Partnerships

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