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Biography of Evangelist Isaac Omolehin 

Evangelist Isaac Omolehin 

Evangelist Isaac Omolehin, also known as Baba Omolehin, was born on February 24th, 1951. He hails from Iluke Town, Kogi State, Nigeria. Evangelist Isaac Omolehin is the esteemed founder of Word Assembly Ministries, located in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria.

Evangelist Isaac Omolehin, also known as Reverend Isaac Omolehin or Pastor Isaac Omolehin, holds the title of Evangelist, ensuring clarity. His impactful radio broadcasts reach millions daily, spreading the transformative message of the Gospel across the globe.

His church, Word Assembly Ministries, has its headquarters in OFFA Garage, Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria, with branches including ASA Dam, Ade Wole, Ganmo, Tanke, and Kilako, all within Kwara State.

Beyond his ministerial work, Evangelist Omolehin and his esteemed wife, Dr. (Mrs) Christie Omolehin, co-founded Hope Orphanage, caring for over 70 children. Their four biological children are pastors and missionaries, serving internationally.

Annually, between January and April, Evangelist Omolehin organizes a dynamic 120-day crusade, attracting thousands seeking spiritual fulfillment. Known for his humility, he interprets for visiting ministers at the church. 

Evangelist Isaac Omolehin's messages include topics such as "Transforming Lives and Changing the Culture," "Demonstration of the Spirit," "How I Entered the Power of Ministry," "The Triumph of Mercy," "Infiltrating the Enemies Territory," and "The Mighty Power of God," among others featured in Ministers Conferences.

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