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Biography of Pastor Lawrence Oyor 

Pastor Lawrence Oyor 

Pastor Lawrence Oyor is the esteemed President of David Generation Church. He's born on June 16th, 1992, (He's presently 32 Years old) in the vibrant city of Ibadan, Nigeria. He stands as a seasoned teacher, fervent evangelist, insightful prophet, captivating preacher, and anointed Gospel Music Minister.

He emerged into a devout Christian upbringing alongside his twin brother, the esteemed Pastor Godswill Oyor. Their roots trace back to the Late Reverend Gomba Fortune Oyor and Reverend Patience Oyor, illustrious servants of God.

While navigating the corridors of academia, Pastor Lawrence Oyor is A Law graduate from the prestigious University of Ibadan and the Nigerian Law School. Beyond legal realms, he is the visionary founder of Catalyst Network International, a global initiative dedicated to nurturing catalysts of love and fervor for Jesus.

Renowned for his impactful revival chants, notably the resounding "Bowl of Fire," Pastor Lawrence Oyor has not only imparted spiritual fervency but also graced the music realm with numerous compelling gospel songs. Spearheading the Davidic Minstrels movement, his mission is to orchestrate an atmosphere of worship, manifesting God's love and power through melodic expressions.

Pastor Lawrence Oyor has been graciously featured by esteemed ministers and gospel music icons, including:

- Dunsin Oyekan, is renowned for his soul-stirring worship songs and powerful vocals.

- Sunmisola Agbebi, a versatile and anointed gospel minister celebrated for her inspiring lyrics and heartfelt delivery.

These notable collaborations not only showcase his musical prowess but also demonstrate his impact and influence in the gospel music sphere, further solidifying his reputation as a talented and sought-after artist.

In a significant stride towards spiritual leadership, November 2021 witnessed the co-founding of the Davidic Generation Church by Pastor Lawrence and his twin brother. Adding to his portfolio, he takes the helm of the Lawrence Oyor Mentorship Platform, guiding and shaping aspiring individuals. Annually, the Battle Axe Retreat, orchestrated by him, caters to believers seeking a renewed fire of God, becoming a beacon of spiritual rejuvenation.

He is joyfully united in marriage to Darasimi Gomba-Oyor, and together they have been graced with a lovely son named Elijah.

Pastor Lawrence Oyor and Darasimi Bamiloye - Oyor 

Join Pastor Lawrence Oyor on social media to keep up with his inspiring messages, upcoming events, and transformative meetings. As a renowned gospel minister and evangelist, he is active on various platforms, sharing his passion for God and spreading love, hunger, and revival across the globe.

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