Why Not All Lawful Things Are Helpful

 Why Not All Lawful Things Are Helpful


Not all lawful things are helpful! 

It is very important for believers to identify the place of drawing the line between things that are lawful and those that are helpful (right). The fact that an act is lawful by the law of the land does not necessarily mean such a thing is right and such are the things I want to call our attention to this morning, lest we will be carried away by the laws of the land (flesh) rather than the leading of God via His word and Spirit.

1 Cor. 6:12 ‘All things are lawful for me, but all things are not helpful. All things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any.’ 

As citizen of a nation you are under obligation to leave by the law of the land because the leaders were put there by God, but in doing this you must identify those things that are not considered sin in the land but are sin to God and keep away from it. For instance if prostitution is legalized in a land and abortion is no offence, will you be dragged into such under the cover that the law of the land does not forbid it? 

I have heard men and brethren quoting scriptures such as: ‘I can do all things…’ wrongly to a selfish interest or to justify a clearly sinful act. No, you can’t do all things, even if your flesh is telling you, you can, please tell yourself that though such things are lawful, they are not expedient for you, they are not doable. You are not a citizen of where you were born alone, you carry a dual citizenship and one is stronger than the other. Heaven is your home and you must at all time obey the law of God, the Lord of heaven wherever you are.

When the decision to do or not to do a thing comes up, there is a recommendation by Apostle Paul of what to do in verse 20 of this same chapter, when he said we should glorify God in our body; so quickly ask yourself if that will glorify God. If you get a YES answer move on, but if a NO answer comes, then, please keep off, such a thing may be lawful but clearly not expedient or helpful to you.

Enjoy your day while remembering in your activities that not all things that are lawful are doable for you.

Prayer: Father, help me daily with consciousness of what I must not do, even when it does not wrong the law of the land, Amen!

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