Biography of Pastor Dr. Tony Rapu - Spirit Revealing

Biography of Pastor Dr. Tony Rapu - Spirit Revealing 

Pastor Dr. Tony Rapu 

Born on the 1st of January, 1957 (Currently 67 Years old) Dr. Rapu is a medical doctor, filmmaker, life coach, pastor, and Chairman of the board of trustees of Freedom Foundation. He oversees various spiritual expressions, including the House of Freedom in Lagos. Additionally, he heads a group of ministries comprising This Present House, God Bless Nigeria, and The Waterbrook.

Dr. Rapu's vision is to effect developmental change in lives and communities by addressing issues like drug addiction, urban poverty, and enhancing community development. Through missions and ministry, he provides purpose, empowerment, and life-changing opportunities to numerous people.

His life's journey from a successful medical career to becoming a spiritual leader and social reformer highlights his belief in the potential for renewal and growth in every individual.

Apostle Tony Rapu is happily married to Mrs. Nkoyo Rapu, a lawyer, author, pastor, and a woman of diverse interests and skills. They have been blessed with three children.

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