Faith Chronicles: Evangelist Isaac Omolehin Known for Unusual Creative Miracles

Faith Chronicles: Evangelist Isaac Omolehin Known for Unusual Creative Miracles

Evangelist Isaac Omolehin 

Evangelist Isaac Omolehin shared this testimony among many at a campmeeting hosted by God's Prophet Debo Adesina few months back in Sango Ota, Abeokuta.

When babies are in the mother's womb, they are always curve, when you check their scan, inside their mother's womb they are always curve. They get stretch when they are born.

There this baby born and she didn't stretch and she continued to grow like that till the head touched the leg. 

Mangled human being, the backbone became stiff like iron, the hand and leg are stiff.

If you want to carry baby Delight, that's her name. You carry her like women basket that they use cane to weave. 

She has buttocks but cannot sit. If you put her to sit, you have to support her with pillow at both sides so she doesn't fall to one side. 

If you want to feed Delight, you go down and look for her mouth from down to put the food for her to eat. She can swallow it though, she can't talk. 

Biography of Evangelist Isaac Omolehin

Whenever we have guest visiting the ophanage, we carry her to go and hide because she's not a sight you want to show. People are likely to ask what happened and we can't explain.

In the University of Ilorin, they gave the disease a this whole world, only three people has that kind of ailment, so no where to find the medicine if at all it's needed , it won't be in Ilorin.

I want to talk about the power of God and the extreme end of it. 

I have been privileged to see the power of God in action, have been privileged to bring back the dead but now, am not talking about the one that is not dead but not also living either.

Am talking about someone like an alligator... 

She continues to grow, growing like a monster. When the head had reached the leg and there's no more space for extension, it began to increase the size.

Once in a week, the staff in our orphanage will put this child at the middle, praying and fasting on her behalf. That's what they do once a week. They did this for many years.

They were not going to say because they prayed for the whole of last year and nothing happened that they were not going to pray again, they continued to pray...

"men ought always to pray, and not to faint" Luke 18:1.

One day, there was a scream in the orphanage, ehhhhhhh!!! 

Everybody ran out because we live in the bush. I lived in an estate of 15 houses. I have to build house almost every year because of the children getting matured to teenage stage, I always get them separated.

We were wondering what could have caused the scream. Could it be a snake bite or scorpion sting, what is it ?. 

We then saw Delight where she was vibrating and stretching, she continued to stretch till she finished stretching full length. While stretching, her hands and legs were stiff and curved but they were stretching and flesh was building on it to grow to normal correct size. 

When she had finished stretching to a normal size she should have been if there was no problem with her growth. She acquired the whole stretching in the floor.

When she had finished stretching, she tried to stand up and achieved it after a few minutes. She then took a step, took another step and another. And she started walking.  

She walked up to my wife, my wife was weeping, she walked to my wife and spoke. She had never spoken in her life. The day she stretched was the day she stood, the day she stood was the day she walked. The day she walked was the day she spoke.

We never knew that all the time that people were talking around her over the years that she was hearing. As if that wasn't enough, she got up and expressed herself. 

My wife took her to school where her classmates and age-mates were. She said they should move and create space for her. "You have left her behind, now she have come." She asked them to move, gave her a sit among them. 

Mysteriously, she understood what they were teaching. This cannot be normal. You sit down there and say there is no power of God, we will live you behind. 

It was as if God was making a human being in one day.

I say to you that there is nothing God cannot do.

Faith prays and focus long on God.

You may think people have left you behind but faith keeps in shape and space.

If your faith can still pursue, you can catch up and overtake.

Faith don't give up rather it lives up! 

One thing that intrigued me most in this testimony is how the terrible situation didn't make them stop ministering to the lady.

The miracles are still possible, if faith is still alive.

You can do more with faith than fate had told you.


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