Christian Drama - THE NIGHT DEAL

 Christian Drama - The Night Deal 

Christian Drama - THE NIGHT DEAL

Episode One

At the State Ministry of Works complex, ALHAJI BADMUS walks into the reception of the Department of Project Allocation and Evaluation. There Engineer TIJESUNI, the newly appointed Head of Contract Allocation and three others; Mr Mutiu, Engineer Andrew, and Mr Burnley are having a conversation. ALHAJI BADMUS shook hands with the others while they introduced him to Engineer TIJESUNI who refused to shake hands with him._

ENGR TIJESUNI: Alhaji, why would you do that? You came wearing a ring you intend to use here.

ALH. BADMUS: What? Engineer, I don’t understand you. I am not a stranger in this place. You can ask about me from your colleagues.

MR MUTIU: Sir, Alhaji Badmus is not that kind of man. He is a decent person.

ENGR ANDREW: Oga, I can vouch for him. He is a nice man. We have worked with him a lot. He is very popular here.

MR BURNLEY: Engineer, Alhaji Badmus is a straight forward person and he is devoted to his religion.

ALH BADMUS: Engineer, I feel embarrassed right now. I learnt there is a new departmental head, so I came to get acquainted with you. However, for record purpose _(he lifted his hands for all to see and there was no ring on any of his fingers)._ I have never been this embarrassed before, but what can I do. It is your office that awards contract. Please, I want to be on my way. _(He walks out.)_

ENGR TIJESUNI: Mr Mutiu, are you also vouching for him? I pity you. Do you know that the seven years barrenness you had to marry another wife who you kept in your village for won’t be solved until you discard the demonic gift given to you as a bribe by Alhaji Badmus eight years ago. Do you think the other contractors who were more qualified but you refused to recommend during that time have been wishing you well? Despite all the kickbacks you regularly collect from Alhaji Badmus, you have been here for nine years with nothing to show for it. _(Mr Mutiu and the rest of the staff were shocked.)_

MR MUTIU: Sir, how did you know these things? You are new here. Ah! I am finished! So Alhaji Badmus has been destroying my life. Sir, please give me two hours break, let me go and show him that I am a strong Igbomina man. He cannot be doing me and go scot free.

ENGR TIJESUNI: Look at you, you want to go after him. So, what will you accuse him of? Were you not here when I said he was putting on a strange ring and you couldn’t see the ring on any of his fingers? You can’t approach spiritual matters with physical senses. You need Jesus to set you free. Not only you, everyone of you who have been receiving unholy gifts and kickbacks to tamper with contracts. You all are mortgaging your lives. You all need Jesus.

ENGR ANDREW: Sir, Please help us. I suspect that you are a prophet. We heard the gist of what God used you to do in your former department.

ENGR TIJESUNI: Well, the truth is I am not a prophet. I am only a child of God sent to proclaim God’s light in this dark age. At the close of work today by 5p.m, I will be in my office. If you are interested in receiving Jesus and becoming free, I will be waiting for you. _(He walked away from their midst.)_

MR BURNLEY: What they said about this our new boss is true. He is a man of God. Mr Mutiu, we will also like to join you when you are going to his office at the close of work...

And such as violate the covenant he shall pervert and seduce with flatteries, but the people who know their God shall prove themselves strong and shall stand firm and do exploits [for God]. Daniel 11:32, AMP.

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