Christian Drama - NIGHT DEAL Episode 2 and 3



Christian Drama - NIGHT DEAL

*Episode Two*


_The next day, Engineer Tijesuni was in his office when he heard a knock at his door. He asked the person to come in. Alhaji Badmus along with his wife MRS BADMUS entered._

*ALH BADMUS*: Oga, good morning sir. _(His wife giving the same greeting.)_

*ENGR TIJESUNI*: Good morning. Please have your seat. What can I do for you?

*MRS BADMUS*: A lot sir! Please sir _(she goes on her knees)_, help us…

*ENGR TIJESUNI*: No madam, please have your seat. By the way, I feel strongly within me that the Lord wants me to ask you both if there is anyone bearing the name Hadassah around you?

*MRS BADMUS*: I am the one sir! I am the one.

*ENGR TIJESUNI*: You? How did a Miss Hadassah end up as an Alhaji’s wife?

*MRS BADMUS*: Actually, I used to work here before. He was always giving me gifts and we began to date. When he asked for my hand in marriage, I said yes to him. Afterwards, he asked me to stop working. He began to pay me the salary I was supposed to earn here.

*ENGR TIJESUNI*: This is serious! You are a Christian, but you chose who to marry because of gifts? Did you pray about his proposal? I am sure God never gave you the go ahead.

*MRS BADMUS*: Sir, I didn’t personally pray about it. I was twenty-nine years old then. My aunt took me to a Baba where I was told all will be fine.

*ENGR TIJESUNI*: So you went into marriage based on what you were told. The truth is that, this practice of seeking whether an unbeliever can be God’s choice in marriage is false. When people seek idols, they will hear what they want to hear. You must never abandon your faith for a man. Were you not in a relationship when you met him?

*MRS BADMUS*: I was sir. The brother was a Christian. He was based in my State of residence. I had only come here to serve but I was retained. So when my current husband came, I cut off from the other brother.

*ENGR TIJESUNI*: It’s a pity you lure yourself into this situation because of your lack of contentment. Do you have a child for him? And are you his only wife?

*MRS BADMUS*: I am his third wife sir. And, no. God has not yet blessed us with children.

*ENGR TIJESUNI*: God you say? It won't be fair to include God now, in your state of need, when you never involved Him from the beginning. You are merely fornicating with Alhaji. Alhaji, why don't you tell her she can’t conceive because of the soap you have been giving her to bath with? Or won't you tell her that your other wives all agreed for you to marry her so that you can continue using charms on her for your wealth?

*MRS BADMUS*: Ah! My God! I am finished! Badmus, you have destroyed me. Ah! _(She goes on her knees)_ Sir, please help me. I didn’t even know all these. He told me the soap will help us as we are looking for children. Badmus, you have done your worst. You will regret this. Sir, please what do I need to do?

*ENGR TIJESUNI*: Nothing! Woman, there is absolutely nothing you can do by your power to help yourself. You are already in a covenant with him. However, if you will return to Jesus completely this very hour, you will find liberty. _(Picks up his phone, dialed his secretary’s line)_ Hello, Jane. Please, my meeting will take longer than I expected. Do tell anyone who might want to see me to make it tomorrow. Thank you. _(He ends the call, stands up, locks the door and faces Mrs Badmus)_ So, Hadassah, do you want to return to Jesus? You have gone astray with the life you chose. Ask Him for mercy this very moment and I will pray with you.

_(Hadassah prayed, after which Engineer Tijesuni prayed with her. She lost consciousness immediately…)_

*Jesus answered them, "Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. John 8:34-36, ESV.*

Episode Three

_Alhaji badmus was shocked. Hadassah was motionless on the floor. He looked at Engineer Tijesusni._

*ALH BADMUS*: Sir, will she be fine?

*ENGR TIJESUNI*: Of course she will. By the way, what brought the two of you to my office in the first place?

*ALH BADMUS*: Sir, you were right yesterday. I had a ring on my finger, but, anyone who has not washed his/her face with a soap prepared with a lady’s part will not see it. Just as I left this place yesterday, my hand became heavier than the whole of my body. I couldn’t drive home. I had to just find my way home somehow. I could not sleep, eat or do anything. My hand has become a source of pain to me and I know it is not a medical condition. It wasn’t until 6 a.m. this morning that I slept for five minutes and in my dream I was warned that if I don’t bring Hadassah and myself to you this morning, I will be doomed. Pastor, please help me. I want to be free.

*ENGR TIJESUNI*: If I may ask, what led you into all this? How did you became an occultic person?

*ALH BADMUS*: Pastor, it is a long story. I was an apprentice at an automobile spare part shop in Ladipo. There were two people who always come to buy spare part from us. They were always tipping me and I usually jokingly ask them to show me the way. I was fascinated that two young men who were almost same age with me could control such amount of wealth. If I had known I would not have let covetousness ruin me. When I was persistent with my request, they agreed to link me up. I didn’t know they were occultic. They introduced me to the night dealer where all my wealth comes from. I am afraid it is over for me.

*ENGR TIJESUNI*: That you are alive means you can be freed from this mess...

*Now there is great gain in godliness with contentment, for we brought nothing into the world, and we cannot take anything out of the world. But if we have food and clothing, with these we will be content. 1 Timothy 6:6-8, ESV.*

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