Parach Christian Creative set to Release GADARA (the Sound of Deliverance)


alt="Parach Christian Creative set to Release GADARA (the Sound of Deliverance)"

The play Gadara tells a story of Abela whose life is a shadow of the typical firm christian journey,the tussles, the test of faith, the trying times, the downs and the highs. Abela who is an only child is a great lover of teenagers and engages them in regular bible study meetings, fastings and shows them the right path as against the norms that is practiced in the land. The story is centred around a village waiting for the arrival of the Chosen One who has been prophecied to come back and save them from all ills.

The play opens with rich cultural aesthetics and basic christian values like abstinence before marriage. Abela who is amongst other things a warrior, defies the youth leader's route, resulting in his rejecting the gifts sent to him through his friends. A lot of things ensues having rejected the gifts of the youth leader which unravels a lot of hidden intentions which leads to an issue which seems unresolved. 

Parach Christian Creatives cordially invites you to an enchanting theatrical musical ministration titled "GADARA" - the sound of deliverance. The event is scheduled to take place at the International Convention Centre For All Nations (Rhema chapel) on Friday, the 14th of June 2024.

The production is set to begin at 5:00pm sharp, and all audience members are required to be seated by 4:45pm. The event will kick off with a red carpet event at 4:00pm, so make sure you arrive on time to catch all the excitement.

To add to the fun, there will be a dress code for the event - Yoruba traditional outfit. The best-dressed audience member will be announced and rewarded for their effort. 

The event is free, but registration is compulsory. For sponsorship opportunities, please call 08069801617, or if you would like to support the Parach Theatre Brand, you can send your contribution to 2041964604 (First Bank).

Don't miss out on this captivating experience!

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  1. We wait for the manifestation of the sons of God 🔥

  2. We await God's words and manifestation.

  3. Gadara is a powerful script! I look forward to mighty deliverance that day and beyond❤️❤️


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