6 Ways to Becoming a Better Gospel Singer in 2024 - Spirit Revealing

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6 Ways to Becoming a Better Gospel Singer in 2024 - Spirit Revealing 

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Becoming a better Gospel singer involves navigating through various strategies, each contributing to your growth and mastery. Here are a few fundamental approaches to help you embark on this journey.

1. Listen & Score songs: Listening is simply paying attention to details and scoring means learning and trying to sing a song exactly the way the original composer sang or performed it. Ditto ditto! So pic a song or an artist you’d love to sound like, then listen and score. You can start with 1 song in 2 or 4 weeks.

2. Join a music team: I’d recommend you join your church choir first because this will give you the opportunity to be singing every week which is very necessary for your growth. In addition to or besides your church choir, you can join a much more professional nondenominational music team or music group/band.

3. Engage in Vocal trainings: vocals trainings help you sing properly, build your vocals, build your confidence, help you understand your voice, know how to manage your voice etc but amongst all the many benefits of engaging in vocal trainings, the main thing is that it’ll help you improve faster [I’ll recommend you work with a vocal coach]

4. Engage in Vocal exercises daily: it takes a lot of discipline and determination to maintain this but if you’re able to do so it will go a long way to help improve your voice. Vocal exercises keeps your voice healthy and ready for singing. You don’t need so much time to do this daily, 5-10min per day is good enough. The exercise above is a good one to do daily.

5. Pray and Practice: Never be shy of talking to the One who gave you the talent or passion. Tell Him to help you improve your singing or He should make you a better singer. Be specific about the areas you would love to improve on. Then whilst you pray, get to work by applying the first 4 points and keep on practicing.

6. Follow and keep in touch with this page for weekly singing tips as well as vocal exercises that will help improve your singing and performance 

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