Uncommon Truths About Easter


Spirit Revealing 

Uncommon Truths About Easter by Pastor Femi Solomon 

If you have issues with anything said in this post, it means you need to study the Bible more. Also, if you can't locate where these things are in the Bible, your journey is still far.
Jesus came to this planet; and was born by a virgin named Mary. He had a superior body to the ones common with men that have been infested with sin. Some believe He had the same kind of body Adam had before the fall.
 He did everything human beings did except those contradictory to the Counsel of God. His sole purpose was to restore the Kingdom of God that was once on Earth but lost in the Garden of Eden through Rebellion to the devil. All the miracles and supernatural things He did while on Earth, were to show us our possibilities when we come into alignment with God.

He died on the Cross so that His Cross would bridge the gap between God and man. His death had been prophesied because all the details involved had to happen according to what had been written. Why? All of it, without any exemption, dealt with one thing or the other.
•The events at the Garden of Gethsemane.
•His betrayal by His closest friends.
•His Trial by both Jews and Gentiles.
•The stripes He suffered.
•The mockery actions of the soldiers.
•Simon of Cyrene (a native of Africa) forced to carry His Cross.
•The seven places He shed His Blood.
•Being crucified on the Cross.
•Being crucified at Golgotha.
• The spear used to Pierce His Side.
• His bones that weren't broken like those of the other thieves.
• His death and burial in a borrowed tomb and many other things.

 This explains why the various attempts to kill Him before the time failed. In fact, people like Isaac, Absalom, Jonah, etc had to adumbrate Him so that it would be clear to all.
The script was written before He got on the scene and the script was acted out just as it was written. In fact, the devil was part of the cast, for had they known, they wouldn't have crucified the Lord of Glory.
He died a day before the High Sabbath (Wednesday) around 3 pm went to Hell as a Sinner (He bore our sins in His Body). When the claim of Divine justice was fulfilled, Hell, together with the Infernal forces, could no longer hold Him down. 
That region cannot house a Righteous Man for long the same way no Sinner can live in Heaven. It is a matter of compatibility.
From there,  He went to announce His victory to the fallen Angels bound by chains of darkness in Tartarus. It is meant to tell them that their doom is permanent, no turning back. Then, He went to the region of the Earthly Paradise called 'Abraham's bosom', and broke the power of the Law of Sin and Death that had held all the generations of men bound to the dust. He led captivity captive. He led them out of that region that's why they could appear to people in Jerusalem after His resurrection.
✓ He went to Hell just like every other Sinner and was there till the full penalty of sin was paid; the wages of sin is DEATH (Spiritual death, a cutting off from the Life and consciousness of God which means that one is doomed forever in Hell).
✓ He rose back to Life (not just physical life but,  ZOE LIFE; the Life of God, the nature of God, the consciousness of God, immortality). This happened while He was still in Hell. This happened via the Glory of the Father- Ruach Elohim. Apostle Paul used a compound Greek word translated as 'EXCEEDING GREATNESS OF HIS POWER' to describe the Power the Holy Spirit used to raise Jesus Christ from the dead. This power is far greater than the one He used to create the Heavens and the Earth.
 This has never happened before. No one, prior to this time had move from Hell to Heaven before. This is the reason He is called, THE FIRST BEGOTTEN FROM THE DEAD meaning first to receive the Life of God after being sent into eternal damnation, first to become born again.
✓ He fought and defeated the different ranks in the Infernal Realm (in all the realms of existence) including the devil and made a public spectacle of them. He did this in their own territory. Chai! 
✓ He went to Tartarus; the deepest region beneath the Earth; deeper than Hell. There are three compartments below the Earth; Earthly Paradise (it is now empty), HELL, and Tartarus (the region where most if not all, the angels that have rebelled against God, especially in the days of Noah are bound. Jesus went here to announce His victory over all forms of evil and rebellion against God. Some taught He went to preach repentance. No! It was an announcement of His victory and His Lordship over all oppositions.
✓ He went to the region of Earthly Paradise; the abode of Righteous people from Abel until that time (except for Moses, Elijah, and Enoch). They couldn't ascend into Heaven because the Blood of Jesus is the Access Code. He led them out of there into the third Heaven.
✓ He collected the keys (power and authority) of Death, Hell, and the Grave and defeated them triumphantly forever.
✓ He rose triumphantly from the dead on Saturday around evening time (3 days and 3 nights just like Jonah). One Angel rolled away the stone from His tomb and He came out of the Grave.
✓ He didn't allow Mary to touch Him after He revealed Himself to her, not because she was a female, but because the atonement for sin was not complete until the High Priest carried the blood of lamb called 'The Sin Offering' from the Brazen Altar into the Holy of holies and smear the blood on the Mercy Seat. If Mary or any other person had touched Him, He would have become defiled and the entire process would have had to be repeated. Selah! Study the pattern(shadow) in the book of Leveticus.
✓ After His resurrection, He ascended to Heaven TWICE. First time was after He departed from Mary. He carried His own Blood into the Third Heaven to present it at the Heavenly Tabernacle. It was after this that redemption was finally complete. The Cross (a type of the Brazen Altar) didn't complete the atonement. The Blood of Jesus must be taken into the Heavenly Tabernacle. He went to Heaven in the company of the Saints that resurrected with Him.
✓ When Redemption of Humanity was completed, He came back and appeared to His Disciples in Gallilee and remained on the Earth til He ascended to Heaven in the presence of His Disciples.
✓After He ascended to Heaven the second time, He was coronated as LORD- the rightful Ownerwner of all things and the administrator of the Will, Purpose, Resources of the Godhead. He was enthroned at the Right hand (the place of authority) of His Majesty. 
✓ The descent of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost is the proof that Jesus Christ is not just alive but has been crowned THE KING OF KINGS AND THE LORD OF ALL.


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