Pastor Daniel Olawande Received Doctorate Degree

Pastor Daniel Olawande Received Doctorate Degree 

Pastor Daniel Olawande 

Pastor Daniel Olawande recently achieved a significant milestone by obtaining his Doctorate Degree from Myles Leadership University in the vibrant city of Accra, Ghana. Fueled by his passion for learning and commitment to personal and professional growth, Pastor Olawande's accomplishment signifies years of dedication and hard work. Eager to share his achievement with his community, he took to his social media platforms to inspire and encourage others on their own journeys of academic. 

His words are

"Privileged by God’s mercies to receive a honorary doctorate degree today in the city of Accra Ghana by Myles Leadership University today.

The Doctor Of Transformational Leadership 

This is the second honorary doctorate degree in my short life by God’s mercy

My Academic PhD also in view 

Hallelujah, I will keep pushing the gospel to the ends of the earth 

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