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 Pastor Olusola Osunmakinde, Date of Birth, Family, Position, Commitment, Place of Birth, 

Pastor Sola Osunmakinde 

Date Of Birth: 15th January 

FAMILY: Pastor Sola and his wife, Pastor Abigail, nurture a family blessed with children, embodying their commitment to both spiritual and familial growth.

POSITION: Senior Pastor of the Household of David (HOD), is renowned for his exceptional teaching of God's word. 

COMMITMENT: He organizes impactful events such as the Mercy Conference, Higher Ground Conference, and the Abeokuta Believers’ Meeting, fostering healing, deliverance, and transformation for millions. Leading the monthly Mercy Encounters, he facilitates miraculous experiences for diverse individuals. Broadcasting 'Mercy Moments' on Wazobia every Monday, he extends his ministry's reach.

PLACE OF BIRTH: Born in Abeokuta

COMMENCEMENT: Pastor Sola's journey began with Scripture Union, igniting his zeal for evangelism. His commitment led him to preach throughout his school and later pursue a bachelor's degree in Library and Archival Studies from the University of Ibadan. Serving as President of Vessel of Honour Foundation and later, the Assembly of Uni-Ibadan Christian Students Fellowship, he honed his leadership skills. Following divine guidance, he founded the Household of David in Lagos, impacting countless lives through his simple yet profound teachings.

 His humility and relational approach have earned him respect among prominent ministers, positioning him as a unifying force in Nigeria's Christian community. 

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