How to Live in Nigeria in 2024 by Israel Adegboye - Spirit Revealing

 How to Live in Nigeria in 2024

Spirit Revealing 

1. Be Very Spiritual. You need spirituality to know a vehicle to enter and not to enter, when to travel and not to travel. 

2. Be Angelic Conscious. Just in case you lost touch with your discernment and you're now caught in their traps, you must know how to activate Angels to bear you up on their wings.

One of my leaders boarded a public vehicle in Lagos some days ago and he was push out of moving vehicle in highway after collecting his phone. He had no scratches on his body, I told him an angel must have caught him. 

3. Pray at all times invoking God's mercy regularly.

4. Trust God for provision daily. Your salary no longer has its initial significance, God must help you seriously this time.

5. Increase your earnings legitimately at all cost. Trust God for it, strive for it.

6. Don't show you have money, you might be the next to be kidnapped. 

7. Be sensitive when dealing with people. Hardship has converted even good people into something else. A good friend you knew last year might have probably become a kidnapper or arm robber today. 

8. Ensure you do not allowing situations to make you a complainer, live in praise. Your angels need the atmosphere of praise to be comfortable around you always and do their works. 

9. Expect the Miraculous. If an armed robber or kidnapper is coming towards you, expect them to be stricken down by the invisible hands of angels.

We have more Angels than demons, so don't be afraid. This calamity may extend longer than we expect but a victorious life is possible.

10. Be prepared to see Jesus soon. I strongly hope He's here, His appearing excites me! While you wait for His appearing, be lost in the assignment He has given to you, do the work, don't sit down. 



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