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 Why Christmas? 

Spirit Revealing 

Just like every man has a birthdate, 25th Christmas was chosen as a day remember Christ as instituted by once a gentile Roman king Emperor Constantine as a replacement for the day they worship an idol in the Rome because he saw the symbol of the cross and trusted in it for victory on his way to war. If once a gentile who got converted made the decree, why then do we celebrate Christmas ? 

1. It’s an Avenue to remember the great sacrifice of Jesus (the third in trinity) who gave up his riches and affluence to take up the form of man (SACRIFICE) Phil 2:6-8. 

2. ⁠it’s an Avenue to establish that the prophecies of scripture and true as Isaiah prophesied his birth and other prophets and he came just as it was prophesied. Isaiah 9:6. 

3. ⁠it’s an Avenue to remember the unprecedented and unrelenting love of the Father towards mankind to give sacrificial (Love) John 3:16.

4. ⁠it’s an Avenue to proclaim Christ and reminisce on the reason why he came; to save mankind. And to tell someone about how divinity became humanity for the sake Love for mankind and to tell those who haven’t embraced his love to do so. John 3:17.

From us to You @spiritrevealing Merry Christmas 

Merry Christmas 

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