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Review By: Elizabeth Bukola Abiola


I bless God for your life sir and everyone who contributed to the success of the 3 episodes. May we all end well at Christ's feet amen

Those 3 episodes are, and I learnt a lot from the 3 episodes. 


 Baba Abejoye is yet to overcome the power of flesh, he acts like someone who his foundation in Christ is yet to be established nd still possesses some attributes that shouldn't be seen in the life of a believer(self appraisal, a little bit of pride, etc), he made same mistake in America then when he shook hand with chief Awoponire. I know we are humans and we make mistakes, but I believe with the level he is in the journey of faith, he ought to have known better that he has become a Light in that vicinity, and light has nothing to do with darkness, but he chose to brood over his dethronement, over an ordinary title, rather than seeking the face of God and to know what God wants him to do next, reason why he failed the simple test that was given to him in the dream, instead, Baba Abejoye was drawing canoe on the blackboard...

 I do not want to shift blames but the pastor in America shouldn't have left him since he's the one mentoring him and got converted through him. May God have mercy on us as believers and help us not to fail Him🙏🏼

 Let's take a look at kinkinyinun, she was tried(tempted) too many times, esp when she was kidnapped but she overcame, she's as bold as a lion proverbs 28:1, the same boldness she had when she was a witch is what she portrayed when converted, she broke Oluawo's calabash and nothing happened, remember she was arrested by the Holy Ghost in the previous episodes, and have received power after overcoming trials.. that was because she believes in her faith, she accepted Jesus and took her stand in Him(such a good lifestyle is what all believers should emulate). May God help us

Oloye Oluoje is a threat to the kingdom of darkness as it is now, although he ought to carry Baba Abejoye along in his plans, he has always been like that though(ara won ko bale)... 

The newly appointed Oluawo speaks like lalude in nollywood movies, action ti poju(he killed the role) well done sir

Please daddy Mike Bamiloye , who is that Mr Balogun, enu won ti mu ju, his role is funnily interesting, he said Kuje prison is the best.. Haaa

All the ijoyes too that embezzled money are planning to celebrate themselves by throwing a public welcome back party from the prison, they haven't learnt frm their mistakes

That Chief Awoponire's son is a spoilt brat and so full of himself, just like his dad, may God heal him as he has passed his boundaries at the high chief's house

I'm glad the high chief priest used the same ring to hit his own son, yoruba will say, owo ti ogede ba gbe, ara e lo fi n na. May our enemies kill themselves

Wow! What more can I say than God bless you more sir, this project is an eye opener and life transforming.. There are so many lessons to learn from it. May God bless you all with more wisdom and may you all never fail God

I'm waiting patiently for 4, 5, 6...More unction, grace and strength upon you daddy

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