Can GOD use a Man who has not been Made? By Apostle Tolu Agboola

Can GOD use a Man who has not been Made? By Apostle Tolu Agboola  

Apostle Tolu Agboola 


I am often asked the question, "Can GOD use a Man that has not been fully Made a Man not fully yielded?"

The Answer from a careful search through the scriptures is "YES! 

For HIS purposes essentially outweigh the readiness of a Man. This however is what creates The Conflict... A Man can drop out of the Making of The LORD, because He perceives that being used of the LORD equates being fully approved of the LORD, which is the end of all Divine Makings...

Truly the LORD uses Men of all shades, however the longevity of Usage is largely premised on submission to the sustained activity of the SPIRIT that Makes the Vessel, and not necessarily that empowers the Vessel for Usage

Therefore In labouring into the place of Making... The Man who has found some kind of Usage, Must begin to ask the questions that align with sustained Making:

- Does GOD keep In Relevance, borrow-able Vessels?

- What does My Score sheet, as regards "A Life lived before GOD indicate?

May we not become History while we yet Live!

Your Brother,

Toluwalogo Agboola

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