Apostle Tolu Agboola on Acceptable Church Growth Part 2


Apostle Tolu Agboola 

The Church Stands Upon A Living Foundation, As Declared In Matthew 16:16. Therefore, The Expectation of Growth is Legitimate.

This Includes A Maturation Process Into The Fullness Of Christ And A Physicalized Dimension of Increase Unto Measurements Set Out in God. 

The Intrinsic Design Of The Church Involves Growth, And Specific Instruments Have Been Ordained To Facilitate This Fulfillment. 

Among These, Prayer and The Word Stands As A Significant Agency.

To Walk This Path Successfully, We Must Engage In Fervent Prayer, Seeking God's Guidance For Growth, And Diligently Teach To Ensure That Our Expansion Advances The Knowledge of The Christ.

We Pray Not Only For Initial Growth But Also To Sustain It, Studying The Sacred Patterns Embedded In Scripture To Discern And Avoid Sustaining Anything Contrary To God's Plan.

Our Prayers Are Not Just For Growth But To Maintain And Protect The Sanctity Of What We Have Grown Into. Through Teaching, We Fortify Our Spiritual Walls, Ensuring That No Worldly Influence Encroaches Upon Our Sacred Reality.

In Our Claims To Advance The Church of Christ Every Tool Deployed Outside Gods System and Pattern For Growth Will Definitely Cause Reproach To The Body.

In Building Do Not Be Hasty; The Church is Not Yours But Christ!

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