Apostle Tolu Agboola on Acceptable Church Growth

Apostle Tolu Agboola on Acceptable Church Growth 

Apostle Toluwalogo Agboola 


The Church's Growth is Measured in Both Spiritual and Physical Dimensions, and Consequently, Faces Challenges in Both Realms.

Strategic Approaches are Essential, but Alone, They Are Insufficient.

To Gain the Upper Hand in Both Dimensions, We Must Tap Into the Heavenly Resources Available.

When Growth is In View, Prayer Becomes the Deployed Weapon. Strategies Acquired Need Scrutiny Through Prayer and The Word, and Only if Aligned With Our Christian Beliefs Should They Be Implemented.

The Human Heart ( Mind) Should Never Be The Deciding Factor If The Church Is In View; For It Was Not Birthed In The Physical so Should Not Managed By The Physical Alone.

In Prayers, Our Ideas and Strategies Are Filtered, and Scriptures Illuminate the Right Path, Striking a Balance for True Growth.

Abandoning Prayer and Relying Solely on Secular Approaches Harms the Church.

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