Apostle Tolu Agboola gave warnings to the Church over 2024.

 ¶In 2024 the Christian must be Consecrated enough as to stay away from Worldly Music, and also be Discerning enough as to Separate between that Which Is Truly Divine, and The “Falsely Divine”…… 

Apostle Tolu Agboola 

¶The Priesthood of Sounds will be a stronger tool for shaping Spiritual civilizations!

¶The Purpose that Governs the Interactions of The Church with The World, Is “the Need For Reconciliation with GOD”..

Any other things, such as “Make them Comfortable, Let them feel Loved, Don’t discriminate”; are just the ploys of the Enemy to Sabotage the Mandate of The Church…


For Many Years, Our Ranks Have Been Swelled With Men Who Are Not Sendable: Anti-Apostolic Congregations.

Now, If The Products Of Our Calling Can no longer Advance The Course Of The CHRIST, We Have No further Business Doing Ministry. It is therefore time for the Sincere to stop and evaluate, lest we lose our Rewards..

Church Is Not A Place To Retain Lost Souls, It Is A Place Of Transformation And Not A Place Where Sinners Find Rest In their Sins

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