Apostle Tolu Agboola gave prophecies for 2024



The Church has been allocated A Place, as A Major War-ground in the Battles for The Cosmos..

So The LORD Says….

1) There will be The Multiplied Activity of Accurate Emerging Ministers and Ministries... "The Blossoming of Ministerial Networks"

2) There will be The Recovery of Quality Kingdom Campus Ministries.... “As Heaven demonstrates Greater Intentionality towards The Recovery of The Next Generation”

3) The Boldness of Erring Ministers and Ministries Will be stronger.

4) False Ministers and Ministries Will Shine brighter that Before, for It begins as Year of Mercy, however the Harvests of Misalignment will close The Year

5) Out of the Advancing Darkness,  A Company of New Shinning Lights Will Emerge

6) The Shift in Outlook of Global Leadership, from political to spiritual will intensify, and many of the fold will compromise, for a slice of Relevance

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