Blessing is Spiritual

Blessing is Spiritual 

We have so much see God as a phenomenon
As a God who is Sitting on a throne with a white Garment 
But we have not seen him much more as a Father 
That is why there are certain things in our Gospel that we need to align
We are not only serving a God that is up there 
We have A Father who is Inside of us Hallelujah!

You can't experience the entirety of God if you still think he's afar, The Holy Spirit that we have is the one that men must strike intimacy With, that Men come into consciousness of Him and His Agenda.
Why does the church think the blessing is Material? The church does believe this because our belief system is made into it and we have been living In the spirit from the physical what the Church believes is a blessing today is that someone purchases A Car, Someone travels Abroad, Kai we are made to Focus more on the 5 loaves and 2 fishes instead of focusing on the one that created it to make it much more. The knowledge of how to multiply bread will sure give you 12 baskets but I tell you it will Finish! Ask the woman who sat with Jesus at the well, Jesus Told her I can give you water to drink, You can pursue what it is in my hand that you have Results but if you don't seek to know my heart you don't have Me. 
Jeremiah said Until you Seek the Lord with all your heart that is when you will find him. You can so much pursue the Hand of the Lord and think You have his heart But hear this Men that Have the heart of God has Gone beyond Asking! Ask and it shall be given that in A realm some certain things will come not because you ask but the reward for men that open doors.
There are certain things that men had not because they asked but came as a Reward, so it's not every blessing that comes because you know how to ask but came as A reward. 
Wake up and Journey with the Holy Ghost
That you get to a point where you become a Seeker 
Seek and ye shall discover.
As a Christian you need to understand the true meaning of blessing, Blessing is the Sufficiency reality of the Holy Spirit
Have you come to it?
Blessings are beyond the material things we interface with 
Hebrew 11:3
 By faith, we understand that the worlds [during the successive ages] were framed (fashioned, put in order, and equipped for their intended purpose) by the word of God so that what we see was not made out of visible things. 
Hebrews 11:3 AMP
Note something from that passage worlds plural form (realms)
Even the realms of spirit get its tangibility from the world so what we call blessing is much more potent as a spirit than just a physical thing. Money is Not Everything! 
Blessing is not fractured into what you can see 
The blessing can be that you come into the reality of Dominion both in the spirit and Physical. 
Journey with the Lord into the realm of Covenanted blessing. 
When Abraham was about to leave he didn't share the seen possession that we call inheritance like he did to others but Transfer covenant to Isaac 
What we call a blessing in the Kingdom is a mundane thing
God bless you you with what you have today so that you with be Supportive of the true blessing of the Kingdom
 What the spirit sees as a blessing is not new cars or houses but the dews of heaven. 
You might have thought God is only Good to the rich but listen it is because your mindset has been conforming to the things of this world that's why Scripture says set not your affection on the things of this earth for they are temporal! 

How can you expect an everlasting Spirit to give you a temporal thing How?
God is unchangeable everything that comes out of Him is eternal
Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness All other things Shall be Added so when I seek first the Kingdom all other things! Ai
That's the Covenant 
Enter into The Realm of Kingdom Blessing
Prayer: I enter into The Realm of Covenanted Blessing.
I understand the true meaning of Covenant Blessing

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