Illuminating Paths: Bringing Light to the Gentiles

Illuminating Paths: Bringing Light to the Gentiles

This is what God expects us to be, and Jesus made it clear to us what our life should be like. The big question however is; how many people can see through us, if men are to use us as light guiding them to move forward, will they end at the desired destination or in the ditch? You need to do a close review of yourself today and confirm if men are following you and where you are leading them to, are you light to men indeed or you are more confused than the people you are to light their path. I have come to remind you of a scripture verse as usual today and to have you see if you are still living by the commandment or digressing. 

Acts 13:47 ’For so the Lord has commanded us: 'I have set you as a light to the Gentiles, That you should be for salvation to the ends of the earth.’ – NKJV. 

Are you still for salvation or for damnation to those you are to lead on to life as light, can men truly follow you and be at peace? I watch from my country; believers of today especially those who have been privileged to be among the leaders politically, I watch the number of corruption trials and check their level of innocence, counting them to be victims of opposition. Unfortunately I cannot come to terms with my claim of their victimisation because it looks to me like they are not truly innocent. Could people have followed them in their looting spree and end up in heaven? What a light can we call them? When a political thief is caught he becomes a victimised Christian, but when in his looting business he is a true worshiper and even worshipped. Imagine a man who was suspended from office for corruption allegation and the son came out to say his father was suspended because he is a Christian, someone who should light his dark environment but gave room to those he ought to show light by his way of life to call him dark.

Which opportunity do you have to show light today, what is your role in your office, church, community, school and market place in general? Are you lighting up your environment and becoming salvation unto men or men are chased away from the Kingdom because your conduct is better avoided than allowed to guide. How many parents can allow you to guide their children, are they not warning their wards to stay clear of you by your way of life? What are you leading people to see, are they seeing at all? – Selah.

If your light cannot help others to see Jesus, then your life is not worth living as a Christian. 

Prayer: Father, help my life to be a light to the gentiles both in conduct and in words, help me Lord I pray, Amen!

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