Faith Chronicles: Unveiling A.A. Allen's Secret of Power in Matthew 7:7

Faith Chronicles: Unveiling A.A. Allen's Secret of Power in Matthew 7:7

A.A. Allen

Asa Alonso Allen was born on March 27, 1911 better known as A. A. Allen, he had one of the worst beginning anyone can ever had, an alcoholic parent. 

He met Jesus at a Pentecostal meeting while on his drinking spree and from there was transformed through the mighty power of God.

After attending a tent revival meeting hosted by Oral Roberts in 1949, Allen testified that as he left that meeting he had huge urge to flow in the healing grace. 

The first encounter he had into the healing ministry was when his spirit caught the statement of Jesus in Matthew 7:7.

He meditated on this scripture many times than anyone could imagined.

The Allens wasted no time holding meetings wherever they could. They struggled with money, having to chop and sell wood to survive, sleeping in a dilapidated shack on a bed made from their car seats, and eating nothing but beans for weeks at a time. In the late 1930’s, Allen became a fulltime pastor in Assembly of God church in Holly, Colorado.

Late in 1934, he had an encounter with God that changed his perspective and ministry, the demands of God on his life. He received a blueprint, 

11 stances he must take by faith to enjoy supernatural flow.

1. He must realize he couldn’t do greater quality miracles than Jesus.

2. He could walk as Jesus walked.

3. He must be blameless like God Himself.

4. He must measure himself to Jesus alone.

5. He must deny his fleshly desires with fasting.

6. After self-denial, he must follow Jesus seven days a week.

7. Without God, he could do nothing.

8. He must do away with sin in his body.

9. He must not continue in shallow, pointless discussions.

10. He must give his body wholly to God forever.

11. He must believe all of God’s promises.

They look simple though but all of what God did through him resonated around this eleven with other 2 that the Lord instructed him not to share with anyone.

During one of his meeting in Missouri, a blind man came forward for healing in response to the altar call. Allen asked for all those with faith for the healing of this blind man to come up and pray with him. 

Then he said, “There is unbelief in this room, I can feel it!”. With that a man got up and stomped out the door. When the believers finished praying, the blind man could name the color of Allen’s tie, meaning he saw.

Throughout the first half of the 1940’s, Allen traveled around the country leading miracle-working healing revivals. Just a scripture ignited the fire of God in him. 

The miraculous don't operate on hearsay or experience, it resonates on the word of God, the spoken, the written and living. Glory to God,  faith comes alive in me. 

By the fall of 1949, Allen began to hear stories of miraculous healing meetings from church members and the widely circulated Voice of Healing publication. He attended an Oral Roberts tent revival in Dallas, Texas, with some ministry friends and felt God tugging on his heart about the vision he originally gave him. He rededicated himself to fulfilling that calling and upon returning home resigned the pastorate once again.

In May of 1950, Allen sent his first report to the Voice of Healing after the awe-inspiring results of a miracle campaign he held in Oakland, California. People were healed sitting in their seats as “waves of divine glory swept over the congregation.”6 In 1951, Allen purchased a tent and on July 4, 1951, the A. A. Allen Revival Tent went up for the first campaign in Yakima, Washington.

In November of 1953, Allen finally broke into radio with the Allen Revival Hour on eleven stations. By 1955 he was being broadcast on seventeen Latin American stations and eighteen American ones. Allen conducted yearly revivals in Cuba and Mexico from 1955 until 1959 when Castro took power.

Glory to God, faith draw the atmosphere of God, never be a conman in cassocks. Lack of faith births lack of focus.

The reason most jump from one thing to another is lack of faith.That we lack anything today doesn't nullify the position of God on such, WE PRESS FURTHER with faith (our absolute faith).

Absolute faith consumes our absolute fear. Glory to God,  we have miracles now. As Allen’s fame grew, so did opposition.

By 1969, Allen’s health began to deteriorate and he battled severe arthritis in his knees. 

He suffered with so much pain that a protégé had to fill in during the crusades. Allen had already undergone surgery on one of his knees and in June of 1970, was considering surgery on the other knee.

Allen arrived in his hotel room the night before his scheduled doctor’s visit and made a disturbing call to a close friend. 

This friend became alarmed and immediately headed over to the hotel. After banging on Allen’s door and receiving no response, he had the assistant manager open the door, and there they found Allen dead in a chair in front of his television. 

A. A. Allen was pronounced dead at 11:23 p.m. on June 11, 1970. He was 59yrs Old, went home to be with the Lord. Put to faith to work that's the only true representation of how long you live.

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