Companionship Above All: Finding True Connection in Christian Homes

Companionship Above All: Finding True Connection in Christian Homes 

Companionship Above All: Finding True Connection in Relationships

I was in a church some years ago where their Sunday school that day was centered round marriage and reasons for marriage, I watch them list from sexuality to end with companionship, while the teacher insisted there should be no priority in the order, a few of us disagreed. We actually could not get to discuss companionship as one of the reasons, so I feared sexuality and procreation is now rated above companionship, hence my reason for going this direction just may be it could help some people this morning.

Gen. 2:18 ‘And the LORD God said, “It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him.’ 

My Pastor will always say; to know how a thing ought to be, we need to go to the beginning to know how it was, the verse above was the verse that began the whole issue of marriage, and what it says clearly was that marriage was to come and solve first; the problem of loneliness. Relationship and companionship was on God’s mind when He created woman to be with man. We relate God’s word that we multiply to manhood alone, that is not right, God told fish to multiply in the sea and birds to multiply in the air; please read your bible, He did even before seeing that man was alone. So how come God did not bring the multiplication and replenishing the earth before relationship in the case of man? 

We quote Apostle Paul’s word on marriage and sexuality in 1 Cor.7 as reason for marriage out of context but he only said ‘if’ any one could not control his/her sexual urge should marry, for it is better to marry than to burn. Meaning there was a problem Paul believed could be solved by marriage, but if the urge could not be controlled, if care is not taken marriage may not solve that problem, unfaithfulness may even result. I therefore feel sexuality; if made a major reason for marriage will fail, if any party of the marriage is not as active as the other sexually. What if children did not come as at when expected or never come at all, will there be a remarrying? Children are part of blessing of marriage not basis of marriage, if you are looking unto God for fruit of the womb, by virtue of reading my piece receive it in Jesus name. I love children and blessed with them, but we have to be careful what we placed emphasis on in marriage, especially with the young and upcoming ones.

If you are good on bed with many children but lack companionship in your marriage, there is danger.

Prayer: Lord Almighty, the creator of relationship and marriage I pray that you help me to maintain good relationship in my life and marriage, repair my relationship and companionship with my spouse and/or friend, help me not to misplace priority in my relationship, Amen!

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