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Biography of Pastor Godman Akinlabi(Pgeeman) 

Pastor Godman Akinlabi 

Godman Akinlabi, also known as Pgeeman, born on December 28, 1974, (He is presently 49 Years old) he serves as the Global Lead Pastor of The Elevation Church, Lagos. Founded in 2010. He's is a prominent figure in Nigeria's religious and social landscape. He hails from Oyo State, Nigeria. 

The Elevation Church operates under the mantra of 'making greatness common,' aiming to empower individuals to achieve their full potential.

With over two decades of pastoral experience, Godman Akinlabi is renowned as a captivating speaker, trainer, and consultant, having shared his insights in conferences and churches worldwide. His academic background is diverse, holding degrees in Mining Engineering, International Law and Diplomacy, and an MBA from reputable institutions such as the Federal University of Technology Akure, University of Lagos, and Manchester Business School. Additionally, he completed the Strategic Perspectives in Non-profit Management program at Harvard University in

Beyond his pastoral duties, Godman Akinlabi is a visionary leader behind numerous initiatives aimed at social empowerment and community development. These include the Pistis Foundation, Elevate 200 churches, and various outreach programs focusing on education, healthcare, and shelter for the less privileged in Lagos state. As a convener of events and conferences, he facilitates platforms for empowerment in Christian ministry, business, and governance. Notable gatherings include the Exponential Conference for Pastors and Church Leaders, Vantage Forum for Economic Outlook, and mentorship programs such as "Man Up" for young men.

A prolific author, Akinlabi has penned several acclaimed books addressing diverse topics such as relationships, personal development, and faith. His latest release, "Burning Questions, Flaming Answers," delves into common relationship queries for couples and singles.

Godman Akinlabi is happily married to Bolarinwa, a teacher and fellow minister, with whom he shares two children.

Here are Ten (10) things to note about Pastor Godman Akinlabi 

1. Inspirational: He has the ability to inspire and motivate others through his words and actions.

2. Compassionate: He demonstrates empathy and care for the members of his congregation.

3. Visionary: He has a clear vision for the church's mission and direction.

4. Charismatic: He possesses a natural charismatic Unction and ability to engage with people.

5. Strategic: He is adept at planning and implementing strategies to achieve the church's goals.

6. Faithful: He is committed to his faith and leads by example in living according to its principles.

7. Empowering: He encourages and empowers others to use their gifts and talents for the greater good.

8. Authentic: He is genuine and sincere in his interactions with others.

9. Resilient: He demonstrates strength and perseverance, especially in the face of challenges.

10. Servant-hearted: He prioritizes serving others and putting their needs above his own.

Pastor Godman Akinlabi is actively engaging with his audience on all major social media platforms. Stay updated with his latest messages, inspirational posts, and community. 

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