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Biography of Reverend Kesiena Esiri 

Reverend Kesiena Esiri 

Reverend Kesiena Esiri, born on April 16th, (age not reveal yet) He currently serves as the point man and resident Pastor of The Remnant Christian Network in Delta State. Known for his exceptional wisdom and deep empathy, Reverend Kesiena Esiri is dedicated to promoting righteousness and purity, especially among the youth.

As a spiritual son of Apostle Arome Osayi, Reverend Kesiena Esiri has authored three insightful books: "Organized Religion," "Naked Flesh," and "Walk," reflecting his deep understanding of scriptures and Christian life.

An active presence on various social media platforms, Reverend Kesiena Esiri shares invaluable insights on faith and discipline, making his teachings accessible to a wide audience. Follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms to be inspired and educated by his profound teachings.

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