Biography of Prophet Sunday Idowu Oluwade

Biography of Prophet Sunday Idowu Oluwade 

Prophet Sunday ldowu Oluwade 

Prophet Sunday ldowu Oluwade popularly known as Baba Ona Àbáyọ. Born on 22nd November (Age not reveal yet) he’s the Founder of Christ Apostolic Church (Gbongan Iyanu Jesu International Ministry), Ibadan Oyo State. 

His father was Pa Samuel Onifade but he changed to Oluwade when he gave his life to Christ He hails from Ejigbo in Osun State. Gbongan Iyanu headquartered is in the Bashorun with 2 other branches in ibadan and still expanding. 

He grew up in a family background popularly known as MOGBAFOLUWA in a typically old rustic Ejigbo compound family system. His late father(of blessed memory) was agreat legendary orthodox medical practitioner popularly called Saamu Oloogun because he had a small hospital where he treated all manner of sicknesses.

His grandfather was referred to as Pa Bakare Onifade.He was an industrious farmer and his own father inherited the vocation of farming from him. His late father was also a great and dexterous farmer who knew practically all the hidden intricacies of farming. He was a polygamist who had many children as well. Prophet Sunday Oluwade grew up following his father to the farm where they all got our daily food from.

 His upbringing was such a lowly one without a slight touch of affluence or nobility.Prophet Sunday Oluwade metaphorically considered his growing up to be just like the biblical David who became the king as well as the liberator of the modern monarchical United Kingdom of Israel but who was never from the royal family.

 Prophet Sunday Oluwade had elementary school education at Baptist Day School Ejigbo in the 70s and proceeded To Baptist High School in the same town. The sudden demise of his father in January 7,1991.After the death of his father, everything went practically awry financially andresources-wise for his bereaved mother and they had to eke out a difficult livelihood. 

The Ministry started around September 1998 under a mango tree in the Bashorun Mountain with few members whom they usually prayed together fervently and unceasingly. But for lack of funds, he had to struggle to work as a poor peripatetic evangelist for almost four years before the church eventually began.

the church started again in 2002 with the few members whom they had been praying together under the mango tree in fact, it was those members that God used to acquire the land on which we built our headquarters here at Bashorun today. Ever since then, God has been working mightily through him. 

God instructed him to name the church GBONGAN IYANU when he was patiently and prayerfully enquired of Him. God told me that he should go and build a mightily impregnable sanctuary(a big church)where various battle-laden souls would be emancipated because He had given him the keys to unlock the gate of afflictions and freethose manacled in various shackles as it is written in the book of MATHEW 11:27-30.


He did face enormous, staggering, monumental, which seemed practically insurmountable when the ministry started. As you know, without challenges and difficulties in life, there might not be an eventual path to glory, transmogrification and didactic testimonies from which the people’s faith can be strengthened in God. There were programmes in their churches in order to sustain his beggarly livelihood being a young distressed and hapless peripatetic prophet of then.There were times he fasted for days without even-common GARI to break the fast. There were times he trekked from lwo-Road to Agbala Itura Olode to and fro in order to attend the church programmes with no food in his stomach. There was a time he was practically forcibly ejected from the empty one-room apartment that served as my only haven then just because he’s owing for two-year rent of 2,500 naira.

 There was a woman who used to give him stone cold left-over beans cake (AKARA ELEPO)whenever he fasted and there was nothing to break. In fact, this woman is one of my church members today.

 Many detractor had at various junctures in my life called him a myopic, visionless,lazyand fake prophet because of my horrible ramshackle lifestyle then In actual fact, his  world was such a spontaneous situational luckless caricature enmeshed in an antithetical comfort andluxury,Ridiculously, he was lampooned and nicknamed Ayérayé which literally translated to mean a hapless one who prayed under the closed heavens without breakthrough.Indeed,his worldbecame somewhat considerably happy-go-lucky and haphazard that he thought that he might die in the overwhelming quicksand. 

His challenges were so indescribably enormous and untold that pages of this interview section cannot contain them. Today, to the glory of God, all is history.Sometimes,people look at his ministry and they become virulently green with envy because they are bereft of the fact that he had once been nostalgically beleaguered by the various horrible and obscure beginnings. Only God was his beacon of fortitude and hope in the face of the overwhelming bedlam. This section of the interview will shed more light on his past pathetic challenges so that people can learn that life is not abed of roses.

God has been faithful regarding His calling upon him and He has been working powerfully in Gbongan lyanu in which our prevailing testimonies are incalculably resounding and innumerable. A woman who had been married but barren since1979 got to Gbongan lyanu Jesu in the early 2005 and became pregnant few months later when the God of GBONGAN IYANUJESU visited her womb. A dead child was frantically rushed to the church and was placed on the altar and within few minutes,the God of Gbongan lyanu Jesu resuscitated the child. 

A lot of blind people had regained back their sights in this ministry.Manyailments,infirmities and sicknesses had been cured and healed eternally in this ministry. Most of the members of the church are true children of God and faithful followers of Christ. No one comes to Gbongan lyanu for three months without experiencing a divine transmogrification. In this church, he has never buried any young members of his church because that was the covenant God made with him that He would rebuke afflictions and death in my ministry. Several severely cancerous conditions had been remedied on this mountain. 

Miraculous and unfathomable, a cadaverous-looking young lady at an advanced marriageable age whose breasts disappeared uncannily attended the Gbongan lyanu Jesu power-packed and crowd-pulling annual programme held on "1 to 9”of JUNE tagged:IJI DAKE(STORM BE STILL)and God of Gbongan lyanu Jesus visited her life miraculously through His divine encounter. At least, in every year, we christen almost 50-80 babies without any complications. It has been yearly hitch-freespree blessings of babies ever since the church started. Prophet Sunday Oluwade said the testimonies are myriads because it has been God working,not him.

All this accomplishments thus far are great but to the glory of God. His greatest accomplishment is that virtually all the membersof Gbongan lyanu Jesu have been discipled to follow Christ wholeheartedly and they are also heavenly-bound. Also, the church had just 1 branch before now (ASUKUNA BRANCH)but God has planted another crowd-pulling Gbongan lyanu assembly at OLUWO.

 The ministry has acquired a huge swathe of land(30plots) which would be used as our campground. To the glory of God, the ministry has discipled and produced great bible-believing true men of God through our Leadership and Ministers Discipleship School:GLORIOUS COLLEGE OF MINISTRIES(GLOCOM). The church has acquired an 18-seater bus for easyand smooth percolation of the Christ’s gospel. The ministry’s popularly ubiquitous on-air programme,ONA ABAYO,which isbeing aired on the radio in every Tuesday on Impact BusinessRadio 92.5 FM Amutajero at 7:30-8pm is an another spiritually deft step to further make the gospel of Christ spread nationwide.

Sincerely speaking, Christ alone, is the only infallible, impeccable and exemplary Leader worthy of total emulation. Jesus Christ is his greatest Mentor though he has few of  other true and uncompromising men of God he look up to.

Prophet Sunday Oluwade is married to his heart rob Lady Evangelist Foluke Oluwade .They’ve been married for fifteen years and blessed with God-fearing children. His wife is such a perspicacious jewel of inestimable value who perceived his dreams and visions with him taped into them, complemented and harnessed them into thick and thin towards a bright horizon. She is a great wife,anindefatigable confidant as well as a priceless gift to God’s ministry.

His Favourite bible verse is JOHN 15:1-16

His Favourite Hymnal song that God gave them when he was going through various tough challenges was CAC HYMN 874 (MO TI NIJESU LORE). In fact, all the members of Gbongan Iyanu Jesu. 

Stay Connected with Prophet Sunday Oluwade via CAC Gbongan Iyanu social media handles for prayers and upcoming meetings. 

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