Biography of Pastor Lanre Oluseye

Biography of Pastor Lanre Oluseye 

Pastor Lanre Oluseye 

Pastor Lanre Oluseye born on 20th October, 1973. (He's presently 50 years) He is the Lead Clergy of House on the Rock (Heritage House) in Port Harcourt, brings a unique architectural perspective to his ministry. 

As a distinguished motivator and conference speaker, he has organized impactful city and regional conferences, including:

Activate Conference

South-South Pastors and Leaders Conference

King Exalted

Unique Jesus Alternative Service (JAS)

Pastor Lanre Oluseye's ministry is characterized by a fervent desire to witness transformation in people's lives, regardless of their backgrounds. He continues to inspire change and spread hope and redemption through his leadership.

Pastor Lanre was married to the late Mrs. Inem Oluseye, and they have three grown-up children.

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