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 Koredeyi Dabira'ire 

Koredeyi Dabira'ire 

Adekunle Samuel Akorede, renowned Koredeyi Dabira'ire, He hails from Ogun State, born on July 22nd is a Vocalist, Drama Minister, and Content Creator. 

His educational journey commenced at Bride of Christ Nursery and Primary School, progressing to The Lord's Glory Kiddies Institute. He furthered his education at Mufulanihun Comprehensive High School, culminating in the successful completion of his SSCE. Sammiekorede holds a degree in Marketing from Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin.

Beyond Academics, Koredeyi Dabira'ire is a multifaceted individual—a creative force, actor, scriptwriter, and vocalist. Renowned for his distinctive African worship style and chants, he annually hosts the AKONI program from the Desk of Heroic Faith Ministries. 

Growing up, numerous inspirations fueled his journey, overcoming resource constraints with divine help.

evident in scriptwriting and lyrics, is guided by the influence of the Holy Spirit. Koredeyi Dabira'ire remains grateful for divine assistance that has propelled him towards fulfilling God's purpose in his life. 

While his profile continues to evolve, his impactful contributions are set to be more extensively documented in the unfolding chapters of time.

Koredeyi Dabiraire is a prominent online personality who has established a strong presence across various social media platforms 

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