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Biography of Ezekiel Okesola (JESU NU OMIJE MI NU) 

Biography of Ezekiel Okesola 

Ezekiel Okesola, born on the 26th of November, hails from Ilero town, Oyo State. emerged into a bustling family of six siblings. His life's journey intertwines with his fervent devotion as a gospel minister, deeply entrenched in the profound belief in the transformative power of God's word, which he sees as the ultimate panacea for all human needs.

His ministry is a harmonious fusion of spiritual enlightenment and musical prowess. Since 2013, Ezekiel has skillfully wielded his trumpet during his ministrations, infusing each note with the divine message he fervently espouses. 

Yet, his talents extend beyond the realm of music; Ezekiel is a proficient recording and mix engineer, adding a layer of technical excellence to his musical endeavors.

Ezekiel Okesola, the anointed trumpeter and vocalist, has graced prestigious stages alongside celebrated music ministers in Nigeria, amplifying the spiritual atmosphere with his melodic offerings. 

Amidst his multifaceted talents, Ezekiel has officially released two soul-stirring songs, one of which, titled "JESU NU OMIJE MI NU,"
Jesu Nu Omijé Mi Nu

is currently making waves across various media platforms, serving as a testament to his unwavering dedication to spreading the gospel through the harmonious blend of music and ministry.

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