Christian Giving Lifestyle by Prophet Adesoji Adekunle

 Christian Giving Lifestyle by Prophet Adesoji Adekunle 

Spirit Revealing 

Giving is a great thing and Practicing a giving lifestyle is a sure way to access Kingdom Prosperity but there are biblical ways to give

The desperation of some ministers of God for Wealth and Comfort, have led them to twist and turned the scriptures to suit their greed

There are three primary ways according to scriptures that should move a believer to give

1. Doctrinal Giving... Giving according to the instructions of scriptures( appearance offering and tithing) 

2. Revelational Giving... Giving based on another level of understanding( these happens via accurate biblical teaching around Giving)

3. Instructional Giving... Giving according to the leading of the Spirit( this is God personally telling you to give an amount or something)

Please note: INSTRUCTIONAL GIVING is personal and should never be generalized

There are ways of giving that is not Kingdom or biblical

1. Giving by coercion... This is when you are forced to give... This is when the minister of God harassed you into giving just because you are submitted to him... The minister of God can even threaten you in a subtle way just for you to part with your money

2. Giving by Manipulation... This is when the minister of God seduce you by different means to collect money from you( I can say a lot about this) 

Brethren, HONOUR is not STUPIDITY

Don’t let any minister of God swindle you out of your money... Don't subscribe to Giving under pressure... While it is true that you should take care of your Man of God yet it should come from your heart and you should do it with Joy and not FEAR

If you are under any of these FINANCIAL BONDAGES, You are set free! and receive the boldness to confront the EVIL that such minister of God is doing in Jesus name

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