As Christians is Teaching A Ministry or a Profession?

As Christians is Teaching A Ministry or a Profession? 

Teaching!! A Ministry or a Profession? 

By Iyiola Bolarinwa 

IYIOLA Bolarinwa - Spirit Revealing 

Sometimes ago, I was in the class, taking some SS3 students and after teaching, as I was led to do, I told those who could not read and write to see of the few that ran after me on that day is Bashit", a tall, lanky and shy guy. Bashit confessed to me that he could not read and write and that he needed help. And I love to be challenged so I knew work don start be that 

So we was a very tedious, tiring and challenging encounter...but I never gave up on this willing and ambitious boy! We started with learning how to pronounce two...three letter words...God helped us and the guy after sometime started picking up!! Wao!! His pronunciations and grammatical expressions started taking shape!!

My joy was exceedingly great, I was fulfilled...Holy Ghost had turned my profession into a Ministry  Bashit sat for Senior WASSCE Examination but the guy refused to be assisted and he had a Credit C' Grade in His English Examination 

Sometimes you will have to forget how much you are paid and remember the price that Jesus paid...for these children YOU TEACH to encounter CHANGE!! Ah TEACHERS this is more than profession is a MINISTRY!!

As a teacher, your prayer should be "O Lord give me ruptured destinies, let me show the world  that you are a specialist in turning lives around!!

Give me Dullards: If I teach them your Wisdom will consume their blankness!!

I don't need a pulpit to preach...I only need a classroom to heal!! Any student that jams me must jam life 

For there is a Spirit in man, the inspiration of the Almighty...which giveth Him Understanding 

A time is coming when teachers will not say "God my pay is small    but they will say "Wao, my impact is much... 

Behold there is a revival...breaking out in Schools!!

 It is the Revival and impartation of Divine Wisdom, Knowledge and Supernatural Understanding!! 


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