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 Moses Bliss Proposal 
Moses Bliss 

Moses Bliss 

Renowned in the Gospel music scene, Moses Bliss recently disclosed his engagement on social media, garnering widespread attention. Originating from the United Kingdom, the announcement prompted an outpouring of support and congratulations from fans and fellow musicians alike. The unexpected nature of the revelation left many pleasantly surprised, with no prior hints signaling this significant milestone. Bliss revealed that his romance took root in the realms of Instagram, sparking curiosity about the evolving dynamics of relationships in the age of social media.


According to her she doesn't dance & post online, but God kept prompting her to make the  video  and post, She finally obeyed and Made the video by 2am and posted it and miraculously I saw it.
After a while we became friends for so many months and here we are today truly. 

When I saw the video I was like ahh "I like the way she praises God, wow she dances like Dance

Then I messaged her " I Love Your Dance Moves"
 She replied " Thank you so much! and God bless you for the song! I really like it.

How beautiful it is: He met her Jan 20th
 Her birthday: Aug 20th 
His birthday: Feb 20th
She Tagged him by 2am on Instagram.

Moses Bliss 

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