Breaking News: Tragic Fire at Household of David- Spirit Revealing

 Breaking News: Tragic Fire at Mercy Conference 2024 Venue

Spirit Revealing 

In anticipation of 'The Resurrection' event at the Household of David, the conference auditorium suffered extensive damage this morning as it caught fire while fully prepared for the upcoming program. The blaze, triggered by a spark from the roof, resulted in the destruction of numerous essential equipments.
Household of David 

Pastor Sola Osunmakinde provided detailed insights into the incident, explaining that despite immediate calls to the fire service, their response was delayed by an hour. Regrettably, the congregation witnessed the heartbreaking loss as everything turned to ashes. Pastor Osunmakinde affirmed the resilience of the community by declaring that the program will proceed as planned, undeterred by the unfortunate fire outbreak."

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