ALỌLARI - God Lied to Me! Christian Drama

 Christian Drama, ALỌLARI - God Lied to Me! - Christian Drama. ALỌLARI _...God Lied to Me


ALỌLARI _God Lied to Me

Chapter 5

“We must do something about it. A stranger cannot come to our land to dictate the economic policy of our land to us.” Agbeko, the Head of Economic Policies in Ebinibi said. The council of Elders in Ebinibi had become restless since the arrival of Oba. Oba seems to have his hands in all economic activities of the land. He had become influential that three-quarter of all traders in the land have one or two favor to askp of him.

“There is this saying that he who would not let one enjoy his meal in peace must be eaten in pieces along with the food.” Osawede said…

“Daddy, we are going for evangelism.”

Oba stared at his sons, who were carrying their Bibles in their hands. “Iya Maaku! Iya Maaku!” Oba called out to his wife who was also carrying her Bible with her.

“My husband, hope no problem?”

“I smell conspiracies in this house. You too?” Oba screamed.

“My husband, I don’t understand you.” She replied.

“And where are you going with that Bible in your hand?” Oba queried.

“We have been having this burden to evangelize Ebinibi for the past few months. It has become obvious that we must respond to the burden God is giving us.”

Oba stood up and he locked the entrance door from inside. “The three of you please sit down for a while. I need to make something clear to you all.”

Ojuolape and her sons sat on the chair and placed their Bibles on the table.

“Do you all want to kill me? No, answer me. Do the three of you want to finish me? I remember vividly that when I developed my own burden for us to come to this land, you all were skeptical. Now that we are beginning to settle down, you have a burden for evangelism? Tell me, was it God that brought you to this land?”

“But Daddy, as people of God, we are to represent God anywhere we are. God does not want anyone to perish.” Maaku said.

“See you, you speak like a child. Is it the devil we are representing in the business transactions we have being doing? Don’t you know that commerce is one of the seven mountains God wants us to dominate?" Ojuolape laughed.

“My husband, where is this instruction to dominate the seven mountains of the world in the Bible? While I am not against us being diligent in any of our endeavors, the Bible clearly instructs us to win souls. We can find clear scriptures for that in the Bible. I am not saying we should not strive to be the best in all we are doing but, God’s Kingdom has one major mountain the believers must dominate and that is the heart of men. And that is because the prince of this age is currently seating as lord over the mountain of the heart of men. So my Dear, we can be successful in our businesses and it is a good thing but, we must labour also for the souls of men…"

_Continue reading in Chapter 6._

*Do not labor for the food that perishes, but for the food that endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give to you. For on him God the Father has set his seal." John 6:27, ESV.*

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