ALỌLARI - God Lied to Me! Christian Drama

 Christian Drama, ALỌLARI - God Lied to Me! - Christian Drama. ALỌLARI _...God Lied to  Me

ALỌLARI _...God Lied to Me_

Spirit Revealing - Christian Drama 

Chapter 3

“Oba, you can’t just leave this land because things are hard. Do you know what you will meet where you are going? Moreover, we know God is merciful, He will turn our economy around again. By the way, I am sure you know that even in this difficult time, several people are using your home as a prayer point. They wish they had what you have.” The elderly Preacher tried persuading Oba to have a re-think.

“Baba you have spoken well, but I have just sold five of my farmlands to process the papers and permit we need to make the journey and also to raise the needed funds for investment over there. I am not leaving this place finally, I still have two farmlands that I have asked my family members to help me manage, even though I don’t expect any yield from them anytime soon. I am sure by the time I settle down where we are going, I may just ask them to sell the two remaining lands here."

“How long do you intend to stay where you are going?” The preacher asked.

Oba stood up, smiled and said, “Till I hear that the economy of the land has changed. Perhaps  the sooner, the better. But for now, I am in search of a better opportunity.”

The preacher faced Ojuolape. "Mummy Twins, what do you have to say to what your husband has said?”

“Thank you sir!” Ojuolape responded. “I don’t have my own opinions at this junction. As a godly wife that you have always instructed us to be, I cannot rebel against my husband’s decision. I just hope we won’t have to stay long before returning back home."

“But what about the discipleship program your children are undertaking? How will they complete it if they leave with you both?”

“God is everywhere Baba Preacher. You see this boys are even too young to be carrying God’s  matter on their head. They are just starting their lives. Why should we bother them about God?”

“If we don’t bother our young ones with God, one day we will be bothered about them. And we will be bothering God whom we failed to introduce them to.” The Preacher replied.

“Baba Preacher, be calming down. You take things too serious. Let us live one day at a time. Tomorrow is not certain for anyone.”

“Oba, you should take your faith in God serious as you sojourn to a foreign land. You can’t afford to become spiritually cold in the strange land you are going.”…

_Continue reading in Chapter 4._

*If you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small. Proverbs 24:10, ESV.*

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