ALỌLARI - God Lied to Me! Christian Drama

Christian Drama, ALỌLARI - God Lied to Me! - Christian Drama. 

 ALỌLARI _...God Lied to Me

Spirit Revealing - Christian Drama 

Written by John Emmanuel 

 ALỌLARI - God Lied to Me! 

*Chapter 2*

“I have sold five of the seven farms that belongs to me!” Oba announced to his wife Ojuolape and their two sons, Maaku and Maayiwo. Ojuolape was shocked. How could her husband take such a decision without informing her.

“My husband, you didn’t bother to tell me before selling the farms. I am sure you know I am your wife. I am not against any of your decisions but we could have discussed this as a team. Husbands and wives according to the scriptures are supposed to speak with one voice and share all things in common.”

“I understand you my wife. But you see, this is a risk worth taking. I am not spending the money on myself. It is for the good of our family. By the way, do you think biblical principles are to be followed in such a time as this? Don’t you think that the technology and situation of this age has outgrown following the principle of a llhusband and wife being one?” He turned to his sons. “Or what do you have to say to it Maaku? Is a man still bound to inform his wife of all his decisions? You are learning theology so let’s hear your view?”

Maaku looked at his brother Maayiwo, shook his head and spoke. “Daddy, thank you for asking for my view. Actually Daddy, if indeed we believe in the God of the Bible, we must know that the truths that are written in the Bible are ever true. They are not temporary truths that expired after the death of Jesus. In the design of God, He made them male and female and it is God Himself that decreed that a man must cleave to his wife and the two of them must become one. A home that will follow God’s principle must be built on God’s Truth. No genuine child of God must keep secrets from his/her spouse. It is a betrayal of the word and trust of God.”

“Shut up my friend! What do you know? Is it because I asked you for your opinion? Listen, I, your father has been in this religion even before you were born.”

“Daddy, it is not about how long a man has been in Christianity. You can be in the Christian religion for over thirty years and still be a spiritual babe.” Maayiwo responded.

“Quiet! Is this a conspiracy or what? It is too early for this. This discussion is over.”…

_Continue reading in Chapter 3._

*So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed in him, "If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." John 8:31-32, ESV.*

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